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WIA Core and Intensive Services
(for information only, has not been finalized)


Core Services


Self-Directed Career/Vocational Guidance
Self-Directed Job Search Assistance
Self-Directed Job Search Planning
Self-Directed Resume Preparation
Self-Directed Workforce/Labor Market Information

Informational Services 
(Minimal Staff Involvement)

Career/Vocational Guidance
Financial Aid Workshop
Initial Service Needs Evaluation/Assessment
Orientation - Rapid Response
Referred to Non-WIA Supportive Services
Referral to Training:
  -  Job Corps
  -  Other Federal Training
  -  Other Local/State Training
  -  Non-WIA Training or Educational Services
WIA Orientation
Workforce/Labor Market Information
   (one-on-one; detailed)


Significant Staff Involvement
(Customer services at this level and beyond contribute to performance outcomes)

Informal Assessment of Skills
Job Development
Job Finding Club
Job Order Search
Job Referral
Job Search Planning
Job Search Workshop
Referred to WIA-funded Intensive Services
Staff-assisted Resume Preparation
WIA Follow-up Services - Other
WIA Post-Exit Counseling Contact
Workshops - Other

Intensive Services

Comprehensive Formal Assessment
Development of a Customer Service Plan
Intensive Career/Vocational Counseling
Miscellaneous Intensive Service with Notes
Pre-exit Counseling Contact
Received NEG Disaster Relief Support
Received WIA Childcare Support
Received WIA-funded Housing Assistance
Received WIA-funded Needs-related Payments
Received WIA Transportation Support
Received WIA Youth-funded Stipends
Received WIA Youth-funded Supportive Services - 
Referred to Training - WIA-funded Training

Other Intensive Services, (e.g., case management, prevocational services, counseling, comprehensive guidance, etc.) that are ongoing during a customer's participation period, require Service Assignment with Start and End Dates on the WIA Service Selection Page.

Services NOT Considered Staff-Assisted for Common Measures

Listed below are examples of the services and system messages displaced on the GWS Services Inquiry Page that will not have an effect on Common Measures. While these continue to be important services and information, they will not create a customer's participation period or extend it for Common Measures purposes.

  • Appointments
  • Changes to Customer Characteristics
    Examples: Food to Non-Food, Active to Inactive, Welfare to Non-Welfare
  • Claims Activities
    Examples: All types of claims filed, Appeals, Wage Investigations, 435s
  • Documentation of customer status:
    Examples: Failed to report, Obtained Employment, Termination from Training
  • Inactivations
  • Letters
    Examples: Call-in Letters, REU Referral Letters
  • Local Office Contact / 17 Week Contact
  • Registration for Services (ES, GoodWorks!, WIA, Trade)
  • Reserved Referral and Resulted Reserved Referral
  • TOPSTEP Start Date

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