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Assessment Tools

Online Occupational Skills Assessment Tool: Prove It!

Prove It! Assessments

Following are a number of self-tests that will help you learn more about yourself and the types of jobs for which you may be best suited. The results can also help you identify problems areas in which you may need to focus in order to be best prepared for the job in which you are interested or to help you over come personal problems in your life. Since these are self tests, they should be used as general guides only. If you have questions about any of the results, you should talk to a vocational or occupational counselor or psychologist for further guidance.

Anxiety Inventory; Are you too anxious?

Assertiveness Inventory; Are you assertive enough?

Burnout Inventory; Are you headed towards a burnout?

Certification Hub; free technology tests

CompTIA; free career guidance web tool for IT careers

Coping Skills Inventory; How do you react to stress?

Communications Skills; Are you saying what you think you are saying?

Locus of Control Style; Do you believe the outcomes of your actions are based on what you do or events outside your personal control?

Queendom.com; Over 200 tests in multiple areas.

Self Esteem Inventory; Do you believe in yourself?

Social Skills

Start Now to Get the Job You Want; Cygnet Associates has developed a tool to help individuals form an action plan to get the job they want faster and easier. The tool includes 12 surveys that help identify problem areas. The instrument was designed for use at One-Stop Centers but can be adapted for personal use or for use by governmental or non-profit workforce development agencies. The instruments are located on separate pages to print out individually. Click HERE to access the packet on one page for easy download; for the updated version click HERE.

Study Guide Zone; free study guides for many different tests

Test Prep Review; your source for free practice tests

Type A Inventory; Feeling stressed out?


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