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Basic Life Resources

The following statements describe life situations you may be in. Answering these questions can show which, if any, services you may need to help you out during your job search or while working on a job.

Answer the following questions using the key shown here:
A = Strongly Agree B=Somewhat Agree
C=Somewhat Disagree

D=Strongly Disagree

A B C D 1. Some days I don't get enough to eat.
A B C D 2. I worry how I will get the money to survive the rest of the month.
A B C D 3. Getting from place to place can be a real problem for me.
A B C D 4. I hope I am still living in the same place in a month.
A B C D 5. I do not have reliable daycare with which I am comfortable.
A B C D 6. I do not have easy access to a telephone.
A B C D 7. If I don't get a job soon I may have to declare bankruptcy.
A B C D 8. I worry about whether I'll have the money to keep my utilities turned on.
A B C D 9. I do not own an alarm clock.
A B C D 10. I don't have the money to buy gasoline.
A B C D 11. I am delinquent on student loan payments.


Count the total number of A's and B's. _____.

If you have one or more, complete a Basic Life Resources Action Plan.

Basic Life Resources Action Plan

Here are some materials and resources that are available than I can use on my own:

Here are some classes I can take, workshops I can attend, and groups I can join:

I can make an appointment to talk one-on-one with a counselor on one of these topics:

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