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Thoughts And Feelings

Rate the following statements based on how you feel or what you believe.

Answer the following questions using the key shown here:
A = Strongly Agree B=Somewhat Agree
C=Somewhat Disagree

D=Strongly Disagree

A B C D 1. I don't really have any important goals I can think of.
A B C D 2. I cannot think of anything I have done that makes me feel real proud.
A B C D 3. Most things that happen to people are beyond their control.
A B C D 4. I often sleep too much or too little.
A B C D 5. Things often seem so hopeless.
A B C D 6. Sometimes I feel out of touch with reality.
A B C D 7. When I make plans they often don't work out.
A B C D 8. I like to set goals but I give them up if they get too hard.
A B C D 9. I frequently get excited about doing something but lose interest easily.
A B C D 10. To a great extent, my life is controlled by accidental happenings.


Count the total number of A's and B's. _____.

If you have two or more, complete a Thoughts and Feelings Action Plan.

Thoughts and Feelings Action Plan

Here are some materials and resources that are available than I can use on my own:

Here are some classes I can take, workshops I can attend, and groups I can join:

I can make an appointment to talk one-on-one with a counselor on one of these topics:

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