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Hire Vets First; whether a manager, human resources specialist or veteran seeking employment, you'll find the resources you need for matching employment opportunities with veterans

On-the-Job Training for Veterans

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Long may she wave! Military Locator

Air Force
Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard career information, includes pay charts and career information for civilians

Career opportunities in the Army and Army Reserve

Coast Guard
Life saving, oil and chemical spill response, maritime trades, aviation; all 23 enlisted occupational specialties are open to women

Marine Corps
Technical training available, educational opportunities, Marine Reserve (

Jobs in the fleet, health care professions, money for college, worldwide travel, Naval Reserve  1-800-422-9571

Did you know the first Naval Battle of the Revolution was fought off Machias ME by angry Downeasters wielding pitchforks and axes? Attacking in a ship loaded with lumber, they defeated a fully armed British war ship whose commander had ordered their Liberty Pole torn down. The U.S. Navy was formed shortly thereafter.

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