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What is an ITA?

An Individual Training Account (ITA) is similar to a bank account in that a sum of money is set aside to assist in paying for an individual's training. In Northwest Georgia's 15-country area, the ITA system is managed by the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission.
The ITA pays for training in a specific occupation or specific program of study. It is available for individuals ages 19 and older and for workers of any age whose plants have had major layoffs or have closed . People who receive ITAs must have met the criteria for training under Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funded services. The school or program of study for which an ITA is issued must be on the State approved list of training providers.
Policies Regarding ITAs--
Training must be in occupations identified in the local WIA Plan as growth occupations or documentation of employment prospects for areas not listed in the Plan should be provided.
Training must result in an employment wage sufficient to enable the individual to become self-sufficient (i.e., without the aid of public assistance).
Training must be at least 12-quarter hours per week, or be considered full-time by the school, to accommodate existing Unemployment Insurance (U.I.) requirements. Exceptions to the policy may be approved, in writing, on a case-by-case basis.
Programs of study should not exceed 104 weeks (two years). Exceptions to this policy may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Requests should include evidence that financial support is available during extended training periods.
In general, all training programs must be within a reasonable commute of the WIA local area. Out-of-the-area and out-of-state training programs that are not within commuting distance to the local area may be approved on a case-by-case basis. All approved training must be located within the contiguous United States.
All applicants must apply for the PELL Grant and/or HOPE Scholarship program, if eligible. Depending on the need and availability of WIA funding, PELL funds may be combined with WIA funds to cover total expenses.
WIA funding may be provided for college level and post-baccalaureate instruction only if all of the following conditions have been met.

The registrant must be accepted into a certificate or diploma program, and the course of study must be occupation specific (i.e. radiologic technician, accounting, teacher certification, etc.). No funds shall be provided for general academic programs (i.e., General Studies, Bachelor's of Art, etc.);


Total course of study will take no longer than 104 weeks (2 years) to complete and will be a certificate program; and


The registrant must demonstrate that he/she has the financial resources to attend long-term training.

Continuing education and other similar courses may be approved if the following conditions apply;
1 The registrant must have a specific occupational goal;
2 The registrant must have a work history or educational background that relates to the occupational goal; and
3 The registrant must present evidence describing how the proposed training will increase their employment marketability.
ITAs may be utilized for expenses relating to training, including but not limited to the following: books, tuition and fees, supplies, tools, uniforms and shoes, certification, licensing, testing fees, drug testing for entrance into training, medical requirements for training entrance, etc.
ITAs will not be used for payment of late fees caused by registrant error or delay. The registrant will be responsible for those fees, the same as they are responsible for other fines or penalties they incur outside of WIA.
The local Workforce Investment Board will determine funding limitations. A sample guide to training limitations follows:

Up to $6,500 in training costs, excluding support, may be expended for each registrant for the first year of training. Support costs are limited to $3,000 unless a waiver is granted; and


For training that extends beyond one year, total training costs may not exceed $10,400, excluding support.


If the cost of training exceeds funds limitation guidelines, career advisors will assist the registrant in developing a financial plan to cover total costs of training. Registrants shall not be required to apply for or access student loans, or incur personal debt as a condition of participation.

For more information on ITAs, contact the following:
Chattahoochee Technical College, Appalachian Campus;  706.253.4017 or 706.253.4590
Chattahoochee Technical College, Paulding Campus;  770.443.3622
Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Floyd Campus; 706.295.6840 or 888.331.2882
Dalton State College; 706.272.2635 or 706.272.4499
Georgia Highlands College;  706.295.6336 or 800.332.2406
Chattahoochee Technical College, North Metro Campus;  770.975.4026
Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Walker Campus; 706.764.3201 or 800.764.3697
West Georgia Technical College; 770.824.5246 or 770.537.5710
You may also contact:
Randy Gayler
Northwest Georgia Regional Commission
P.O. Box 1798
Rome, Georgia 30162-1798
Phone: 706.295.6485; Fax: 706.802.5567; Email: rgayler (a) nwgrc.org


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